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Paul Munnik

Paul Munnik Architect was established in Botswana by Paul Munnik in 1988. The practice, together with Action Africa, offers competative, innovative, and economic design solutions specific to individual clients requirements. With the rare expertise in large tent design and because he has lived in the bush for many years
Paul Munnik brings a vast amount of experience and knowledge into the design of Eco Lodges and Tented Resorts, he also has a great insight into aesthetic and low impact designs.

He generally designs entire camps, most of which the tents are only a portion of the structures.
All the designs are custom designs from scratch.
Mr. Munnik is involved in many commercial, retail, industrial, hotel and residential developments. This said, his passion is in fabric structures in which he gained an interest in when writing his dissertation in architecture in 1987. He completed this project using tensile membrane structures sited in the Okavango Delta and was awarded 100% for this work. Since then he has been experimenting with fabric structures and using them in his work where ever appropriate.
As a result of this he has completed numerous eco-tourism developments in the Okavango Delta, where no "permanent" structures are allowed to be built.

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Chobe Safari Lodge

Lebala Tented Camp

Nata Lodge

Shindi Islands Lodge

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