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Introducing the 4-Rivers Floating Eco-Lodge

This we believe is the very first tented floating Eco-Lodge ever.
Located on the banks of the beautiful Taitai River in Cambodia, the Lodge is nestled in a bend of the
river against the rich forest and opposite an island.
This was a very challenging project in finding a way of fixing the tents on the flexible floating modules
whilst it rained incessantly for more than two weeks.
The lodge will open with 18 Kingfisher Tents for accommodations and a common area comprising
of one Fish Eagle Tent and two Bateleur Tents.

In the rain approaching the lodge site on the first day

The container arrived 3 days late but in good shape, the main man, Valentin, looks in

Setting up roof frames

We finally have some shelter after getting the frames, shade and rain flys up

Preparing to move 3 tents down river to the work site

The common area tents up but without tent bodies

The 3 tents arriving at the work site

The first tent bodies go up under the frames

This worker is waiting to receive the rain fly - he needs it!

Starting to take shape

Rain preventing the raising of many of the canvas bodies

This pic and all the following 5 pics were taken from the air in early November 09

More pictures to follow as the project reaches completion so please keep checking back on this page


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