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The Livingston Tent

Livingston Tent : 42 m² / 452 Ft²

We can help with custom deck design through Kaalvoet Design and interior layouts through our Barefoot Interiors.

Mild Steel Frame (304, 444 or 316 grade stainless steel frames optional)
PVC/Canvas Flysheet
Shade net Flysheet (cream)
Bull-denim Inner Roof with curtains.
Ripstop Canvas, canvas body 405gsm
Body & Curtain Poles
Color: Sand/Sand Interior/Exterior
With square tubing (for fixing walls to deck)
Front wooden door (optional)/deck not included

Custom deck design by our Kaalvoet Design and interior layouts by Barefoot Interiors.


Custom Engineered To Bring You Closer To Nature And Allow You The Romance Of Living Under Canvas, To Find The True Tranquility And Absolute Pure Passion Of Life!

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