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JUST RELEASED-Design by Paul Munnik

The Egret Tent comes in a Standard and a larger Deluxe version.

Standard Egret Tent
51 m² / 549 Ft²

Deluxe Egret Tent
63 m² / 678 Ft²

This tent design cannot be ordered in units of 1 (one) - minimum order is 15 tent units of either version but not in a combination of both.

Mild Steel or 304 or 316 grade Stainless Steel Roof Frame (please note that the roof frame is not in wood as shown in the renderings below)
PVC Rain Fly
80% Shade Fly
405 GSM Pre Manufactured Canvas Tent Body
Square Tubing (for securing walls to the platform)
Body Poles, Ridge Poles and Tensioning Chains
Standard Zip-up Windows and Doors - Screened with Storm Flaps (Wood Frame doors/windows optional extra).
Bull Denim Inner Liner with Patterned Edging and matching Drapes (optional extra)

Click on any rendering below to get a larger view

Click on any rendering above to get a larger view

A separate design is the very large Welcome Center below that can be purchased independently of any other tent designs.
The Welcome Center is 552 M² (5942 Ft²)

Click on any rendering above to get a larger view

The Egret
is a new design tent, similar to the Albatross tent and has wood pole verticals and tubular steel roof frame.


Custom Engineered To Bring You Closer To Nature And Allow You The Romance Of Living Under Canvas, To Find The True Tranquility And Absolute Pure Passion Of Life!

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